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Steps To Selling Your Home


Change and progress are always good.  When we move into our first home it is typically small, worn out and in need of some major love and attention.  As we grow older and our finances and living condition change we will move into better more luxurious homes. 

home inspection report la quinta ca

Moving into a new home and out of your old can be very stressful.  When looking at the process possibly the hardest or most dreaded part of the process is the home inspection.  When we have our homes looked at someone will come and write up a home inspection report la quinta ca.  This report will detail all of the areas that are good and which ones need improvement.  For many, this is a scary proposition, since if they get a bad report they may not be able to buy or sell a home.

Roof and Chimney

The roof and chimney will be the main areas of concern in the report.  If the roof is bad or if the chimney is pulling on the home these can be costly and time consuming repairs.  If you are planning on selling your home make sure to inspect these first.

Foundation and exterior walls

The next component will be your foundation and the exterior walls.  When doing an inspection the foundation needs to be in good condition.  If you have cracks, sagging or other issues this can be a sign of a much larger issue.  When going through an inspection, the inspector will be able to locate these issues and set forth a plan to resolve them.


When you purchase a house keeping up with the general maintenance can be very time consuming and expensive.  Make sure that when you purchase a home that you keep these expenses in mind and do additional repairs and upgrades as your budget permits.  Doing this will ensure that your inspection goes well and you can get a higher price for your home at time of sale.