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Tips, Tricks And Ideas For Turning Your Unfinished Basement Into The Ultimate Space


In many homes the basement is a dank, dark and unwelcoming pace.  The majority of people really don’t even think about their basements unless they have a washer and dryer, a bunch of Christmas ornaments and miscellaneous junk they just can’t part with.  Not taking advantage of this space in our homes is a waste.  This is why I decided to share with you some great tips, tricks and ideas to turn that wasted space into the ultimate basement remodeling aurora project possible.

A mini Apartment

Many people are looking to get into opportunities such as Airbnb and other short term rental spaces.  However investing in a second home for this might not be practical.  So, what about turning that basement into a small apartment?  This can easily be done by adding in a small bathroom, sleeping area and even a small kitchen.  Depending on the space you have and code regulations this can be a small project or a mini house in your home.  This can also be used as a guest room or a first time apartment for the kids.

A game room

Another option is to make the room into a game room.  Throwing in a couch and a few chairs, a television and a gaming system will keep the kids occupied and the rest of the house clean.  Then when the adults have company they can close the door and not be concerned about it.


basement remodeling aurora

The sight of that treadmill in the corner holding up your socks and coat isn’t that appealing.  So why not move it downstairs into the basement where you can go and actually work out in peace.


In most cases the construction on the basement shouldn’t be that much.  When initially building the house your contractor would have made it an unfinished room.  The only thing that may need to be done is add in some insulation and sheetrock.  Slap on a coat of paint, a rug and you’re done.  Now, of course each room is different but finishing off the basement shouldn’t be a major remodeling project.

Taking the next step

Taking the next step is easy.  Contact a local contractor and have them write you up a proposal.  If it is within your budget why not take advantage of that space and build the ultimate room in your house.